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Wall Showcases – Any Size, Any Colour, Any Finish

As one of Canada’s largest and best known designer and manufacturer of high quality wall display cases, we never stop learning and improving our designs and manufacturing practices.  Since the early 80’s, our company was among a few companies in Canada already exporting our displays all over the USA, Mexico, Caribbean and even some places in Europe.

Below are a few photo’s of work we have done!

Museum Display Cabinets

Museum Showcases

Counter Display Cabinets

Counter Showcases

Hexagon Display Cabinets

Hexagon Showcases





Pedestal Display Cases – Delivered to Dallas Texas

A new day and a new project completed for Funky Sharp Jewelry located in Dallas Texas. This company has purchased from Wall Showcases corp back in 2007 and with the opening of his new store George decided to have the whole store layout completed with our suspended and wall mounted showcases!

The minimalistic design allows for a clean and well organized look!

Good luck George!

Museum Wall Upright Showcases

View the latest selection of wall showcases designed and manufactured for various museum in the USA and Canada.


Take a look at the latest HUGE Wall Mounted Showcase / Information Board we manufactured for the US Government!

CONTEST .. Guess the exact price within $20.00

You pay for crating & shipping and I’ll give you this beautiful showcase for free.. Send your price to within March 8, 2013

Perfect for showing off your collection

Every important collection needs an important showcase. We couldn’t agree more with this collector of rare toy cars. If you want to show off your collection, we definitely have what you need, therefore don’t hesitate to ask for our catalogs via email or phone.

Hexagonal Display Showcase

Come take a peek at some very attractive hexagonal showcases we have available for you. These custom made wall display pieces can be shipped to you withing 14 days. The selection is endless and the prices are very convenient.


All the staff at Wall Showcases Corporation would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year!



Our wall upright showcase designs are well known with most exhibit companies in the USA and CANADA. This category of showcases is our most popular one and we are currently working on new designs as well!
Our 2013 catalog is ready and will be emailed to you upon request!


Our Spring discounts are yours for the taking. Take advantage of our great offer: if you order two or more wall showcases, you will receive a significant discount. Give us a call today and let one of our representatives point out what fantastic wall showcases we have on offer today. Our illustrated catalogs can be forwarded to you if you prefer to browse these first.


Dan Wilde